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ÒFROM THE ROOTSÓ is the third album from Punx Soundcheck. It represents their year zero; a journey through their truest influences and into new directions, their most cohesive and complete album so far. Bringing together the music that shaped them and the music thatÕs shaping their future, ÒFrom The RootsÓ traverses disco and house, reggae and dubstep, electro and (old) rave, all the while sounding effortlessly and elegantly modern. Tracks from the summer of 09Õs ÒCassette EjectÓ EP make a welcome return on the album, the club favourites ÒCassetteÓ and ÒYouthÓ joined by a brand new reworking of ÒArcade PonyÓ. November 2009 saw the single release of the nouveau filtered disco monster ÒWhoaÓ, itÕs twisted cut-up style eyeing up the dancefloor with serious intent. Musical YouthÕs Dennis Seaton provides reggae credentials and guest vocals on ÒGood LoveÓ, whilst newcomer to the Punx Soundcheck fold Sim: One rocks it on ÒBadboy SoundÓ and future single ÒKeep It FlowingÓ; regular guest C. Monts gives us what-for on ÒSlip DiscÓ and narrates the theme music of the best film never made with ÒRocker Time StyleÓ, coming on like John Carpenter if heÕd grown up in Dalston...

Punx Soundcheck - From The Roots CD

  • Title: From The Roots 

    Artist: Punx Soundcheck

    Label:Hottwerk Records

    Catalogue No:HTTWRKCD02

    Format: CD Album - Limited Edition CD

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