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Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges of self-releasing as an artist, or launching and running a record label?


Maybe you want to enter the music industry to get your music out into the world; maybe you’re already there but want to take the next steps and are unsure as to how to go forward. Maybe you just need solid advice on making sure the “nuts and bolts” side is all correct.


The music industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving – it can be incredibly daunting trying to make sure that you as an artist, producer, label manager (often the same person having all three roles at once) are able to keep all the plates spinning.


For artists and label entrepreneurs, lack of experience and knowledge can make it incredibly challenging to navigate these complexities. You may find that you’re unsure of where to start, how your music can potentially make money, and how to manage things like your copyrights.


Even for established artists and labels, keeping on track can be an uphill struggle; juggling the various aspects involved for releasing music can be a mammoth task. You may need guidance with release strategy, remixes, or even just an objective pair of very experienced ears on the music itself to provide a fresh perspective .


Our consultancy service offers a comprehensive solution tailored to address your specific needs and provide the support you need to launch and run a record label, make sure that you have everything in place to take the next steps as an artist, or confidently approach upcoming projects.


All consultations are taken directly with Hottwerk head Tony Pontius - with over 25 years experience in the music industry, across a number of roles including DJ, producer, label manager, publisher, and audio engineer, Tony has a wealth of knowledge and insight into the music business. This is reinforced by solid academic credentials - Tony has an HND in Audio Production from the University of Essex, and a First Class (Hons.) degree in Music Business and Live Events from London Metropolitan University. Tony is also a lecturer in Music Business at degree level in London.



We can offer a range of advice and guidance to support you in growing your career, label, and brand. Our one-to-one consultations are available via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger, or by phone - whatever suits you best.


We can offer consultancy and mentoring sessions by the hour, half-day, or day for more specific requirements; we also offer an ongoing course of consultations for a monthly retainer investment. To get the absolute best from these packages we recommend a minimum commitment of three months.

We offer three levels of ongoing consultancy:


1: We give you the tools, knowledge, and guidance to set up and run your label/self-release long term

2: For more time-poor artists and label founders, we will take the wheel and project manage on your behalf – we will set up and run your label/self-releasing schedule, leaving you to concentrate on the creative side

3: For established artists and labels requiring advice and guidance on specific projects (e.g. album releases, remix curation, etc) we can organise a package bespoke to your requirements.




- Starting and running a record label and administration

- PROs, revenue streams, and rights management

- Distribution and DSP platforms




- A&R and remix curation

- Sourcing studios, mastering, and audio services

- Sourcing CD/vinyl manufacture

- Commissioning and sourcing artwork

- Quality control

- Lead times

- Music promotion and PR




- Getting started

- Getting your music heard

- How money is made from music

- Self releasing

- Career growth



Per hour: £60

Half day (4 hours): £200

Day (7 hours): £350


1. £500 per month

2. £1000 per month

3. POA


Per hour: £100

Half day (4 hours): £350

Day (7 hours): £500


1. £800 per month

2. £1500 per month

3. POA

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"Since I've been working with Tony, he's given me an invaluable insight into how the record industry runs. He's also been an extremely important ear to all of my new productions, giving help and encouragement from the off. Through Tony's help he's enabled some productions to be signed and also given me the chance to remix some of the many talented artists on the label. Tony runs his own label alongside other high profile labels for some big players. This wealth of knowledge really shines through when you're looking for industry advice on record labels and business practice. Add this to the fact that Tony has been a leading electronic music producer for 10+ years he can also help with production skills. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Tony to help anyone working in this field."

Greg May (DJ/Producer - Rooms Inc/Fantastic Voyage/Bangers Only)

"The advice I've received from Tony and Hottwerk over a number of years has been incedibly helpful in progressing my career"

Kinky Roland (Producer / Boy George / Marc Almond / Fetch Records)

“Tony and Hottwerk have a vast amount of experience within the music industry and a great depth of knowledge – from novice artists to music biz veterans, the advice given is invaluable”

Gary Mills (Vix20 / Session Guitarist)

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