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CAULDRONATED is a drum-centric techno adventure that embodies the true forward-thinking, outside-the-box independent spirit of punk, constantly pushing the envelope of sound and performance. A striking live band that effortlessly combines the energy of punk with the visceral punch of techno, danceable beats with social commentary, Cauldronated features the vocals of Italian Extrasolar poetess Eva Menon, attacker of synths David Harman, and the distinctive drums of Dave Barbarossa, late of Adam and The Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Republica, Chicane, and Beats International. "Buy This Thing", their debut release, showcases their unique sound, with 3 original tracks complemented by remixes by Punx Soundcheck, SPLINTrd, and Spatial Awareness.

Cauldronated - Buy This Thing CD

  • Title: Buy This Thing 

    Artist: Cauldronated

    Label:Hottwerk Records

    Catalogue No:HTTWRK060CD

    Format: CD EP - Limited Edition CD

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