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"Let me start with a question. Must everything be explained? I am trying, as an artist, to allow the listener to discern for themselves the sub text or subterfuge! Or the social, or emotional context. 


I recently got a message from someone I worked with and was pretty close to. The tone of the message was attack. A one sided attack with zero consequence to anyone else but me. 


If he had tried to find a middle way,  we could have had hope but I was left thinking 'It’s his grey cloud to carry around. Not mine.'


Hence this song about clouds. Which, like humans, drift in and out of your life. 


Sometimes there is no response but that of a song. A song can say what you cannot clearly speak. It can say it in a simpler fashion. With a sweet, mournful melody."



- Boy George 


One of music’s most iconic artists, Boy George, has today unveiled ‘Clouds’, his very first release via his own label, BGP.


The video was self-shot on iPhone (see below). With the release comes the announcement of a new solo album, Geminis Don’t Read The Manual, coming later this year. 


See the video here.

Boy George - Clouds

  • Title: Clouds

    Artist: Boy George

    Label: Boy George Presents

    Catalogue No: BGP014

    Format: CD Single - Limited Edition CD

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